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“I truly believe that this country is about to take off because, for the first time in a long time, we’re actually investing in America. When I think climate, I think jobs. Good paying jobs, union jobs.”

Joe Biden


"Today, I can announce that Pennsylvania will be the only state to secure projects for two regional hydrogen hubs. The future of clean energy will run through Pennsylvania."

Josh Shapiro


"Designating Southeastern Pennsylvania as a hydrogen hub will bring good-paying jobs, economic growth, and clean energy innovation to the region. It's a big win for families and exactly the type of investment I've been fighting for."

Bob Casey,

U.S. Senator

"Clean hydrogen is the Swiss Army Knife of zero-carbon solutions because it can do just about everything."

Jennifer Granholm Secretary

U.S. Department of Energy

Wait What.png

On October 15, Joe Biden traveled to Philadelphia to announce that Pennsylvania had been chosen to receive funds for the development of two hydrogen hubs, setting in motion an avalanche of irresponsible, inaccurate, and flat out wrong statements by federal and state officials.

Don't buy the Hydrogen Hubbub. Get the facts.

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