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We need renewable energy. Hydrogen is a distraction.

Time is running out to address the climate crisis. We need a rapid transition to proven, scalable renewable energy solutions. Hydrogen is a false solution to the climate crisis, a distraction that is being promoted by your government as a substitute for real action on climate change.

There is no such thing as "clean" hydrogen.

Hydrogen is not naturally-occurring. It is produced from a variety of feedstocks. Most of them are dirty energy feedstocks like methane that by itself accounts for 95 % of the hydrogen produced today. Green hydrogen is the form that is made from renewable energy sources. Even green hydrogen emits NoX, so it's clearer, but not clean. But the real problem with the "clean" hydrogen label is that it is being used as a catchall category for all of the forms of hydrogen the government is promoting, not just the cleanest of the bunch.

Hydrogen hubs would require a massive amount of infrastructure.

The hubs proposed for Pennsylvania will be based on blue hydrogen production, predominantly. The MACH2 hub in Philadelphia, NJ, and DE claims that it will be based on green and pink (nuclear) hydrogen, but even they admit that green is too expensive at present and that they'll start with blue and transition sometime in the future to green. Adding carbon capture and storage to the process if gray hydrogen production is what makes it blue. The captured carbon requires a new generation of pipelines to move the compressed CO2 to a new generation of wells where it will be injected deep into the earth for "permanent" sequestration. Meanwhile, the Department of Energy is promoting its HyBlend initiative to add hydrogen to methane transmission and distribution pipelines, causing new issues even in the existing pipeline network, like embrittlement of already aging pipelines.


Hydrogen production is just the next generation of dirty energy.

All of this is happening because dirty energy industries want to continue doing business as usual.

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